NFR funded - Young Talent Project 2021-2025

ANIMA - ANIsotropic viscosity in MAntle dynamics

Hosted by the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics at the University of Oslo

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Top News
CEED Christmas Symposium and AGU Fall Meeting

December is a busy month for the ANIMA team members. Between the 8-10th of December CEED holds its Christmas Symposiums on the cruise between Oslo and Kiel. Both Ági and Yijun give talks during the seminars:

  • How to win a Researcher Project for Young Talents: The initial phase of ANIMA. - by Ágnes Király

  • From geodynamic modelling of subduction systems to ANIMA. - by Yijun Wang

 The next week (12-17th of December) AGU Fall Meeting will happen in New Orleans and on-line. From ANIMA team members there are a number of contributions to look out for:

  • DI52A-01: Slabs, edges, and gaps (invited) /Á. Király

  • MR43A-07: On the Implementation and Usability of CPO Evolution in Geodynamic Modelling / M. Fraters & Billen

  • DI15B-0019: The Morphology, Evolution and Seismic Visibility of Partial Melt at the Core-Mantle Boundary: Implications for ULVZs / J. Dannberg et al.

  • MR44A-04: Water Does Not Influence the Plasticity of Olivine at Low Temperatures /L. Hansen et al.

Project objectives

Our primary goal is to evaluate the importance of anisotropic viscosity and olivine texture development for multi-scale geodynamic processes.

Secondary objectives:

  • Implementing anisotropic viscosity and texture development within a 3D mantle flow model.

  • Understanding how anisotropic viscosity and olivine texture interact to affect plate motions.

  • Constraining anisotropic viscosity for subduction, and relate this to seismic anisotropy observations.

  • Determining how frozen anisotropy in the lithosphere affects subduction initiation and slab deformation.

Project Partners

Project Manager

Dr. Ágnes Király

Ági is an early career researcher in the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics at theUniversity of Oslo. Her research focuses on viscous anisotropy in the upper mantle, and on slab-interactions in the Central-Mediterranean area.

Project Ph.D. Student

Yijun Wang

Yijun will start her Ph.D. project, on the role of anisotropic viscosity on subduction dynamics, with ANIMA in September 2021. She is moving to Oslo from Helsinki, Finnland, where she did her Master studies.

Project Partner

Prof. Clint Conrad

Clint is a professor of Geodynamics, and the Earth Modelling team's leader in CEED, at the University of Oslo. His research is directed toward gaining a better understanding of Earth's dynamic interior.

Project Partner Lars Hansen

Lars is an Associate Professor of Rock and Mineral Physics in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Minnesota. Lars is using laboratory methods to understand the rheological behaviour of rocks at high temperature and pressure conditions.

Project Partner

A.Prof. Juliane Dannberg

Juliane is an Assistant Professor of Geodynamics in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Florida in Gainesville. She is a principal developer of ASPECT, a free Geodynamics modelling software. Her research  focuses on melt migration in the deep interior of the Earth.

Project Partner

A.Prof. Rene Gassmoeller

Rene is an Assistant Professor of Geodynamics in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He is a principal developer of ASPECT. His focus is on implementing better and more efficient models for the physical processes that occur in rocks on Earth.

Project Partner

Dr. Menno Fraters

Menno is a research associate in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the University of California, Davis. He is a principal developer of ASPECT. His research focuses on anisotropic texture development in subduction zones and on software development.