First two weeks of July, online Hackathon

At the starts of July, Project Manager Ágnes Király, together with project partners and ASPECT developers Juliane Dannberg, Rene Gassmoeller, and Menno Fraters,  will participate at a two weeks workshop aiming to work on new developments for ASPECT. We will work on a material model that can calculate anisotropic viscosity from olivine textures stored on particles that advected with the mantle in Geodynamic simulations.We hope that this wtwo weeks will be a great boost for the start of ANIMA.


ANIMA launches on the 1st of May

ANIMA officially starts at the beginning of May. With the project start we will launch our social media platforms, and fill a position for a Ph.D. project (see below).

How to reach us:
We are Hiring!

A Ph.D. position is available in ANIMA

Application deadline was the 3rd of May.

About the Ph.D. Project:

The Ph.D. candidate will be responsible for a distinct sub-project within ANIMA (WP3.1), and will also be involved in the overall progress of the project. WP3.1 involves researching the development of olivine crystallographic preferred orientation (CPO)  and the developing anisotropic viscosity around subduction zones, and understanding their effect on mantle flow patterns, temperature structure, and subduction geometry. The candidate will use the freely available community geodynamics code  ASPECT.
More about the position and requirements can be found on the application site.